Smith Arcade Built 1926

The Smith Arcade was one of the oldest indoor shopping malls in the Country.  Built in 1926 by Henry B. Smith, it originally was home to the post office, many retail shops and professional offices.  (This photo taken 2016, T. Murtha).  

Hotel Charlotte Harbor Circa 1926

The Hotel Charlotte Harbor was originally the Hotel Punta Gorda built in 1886.  It was remodeled by Barron Collier in the late 1920s and reopened as the Hotel Charlotte Harbor.  It burnt to the ground in 1959.  

First Methodist Church Punta Gorda 2010 (Church Built in 1912)

This photo taken in 2010. (Permission T. Murtha, You Belong in Punta Gorda) The Church was built in 1912.

Punta Gorda High School 1911